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Welcome to the New Ulm Junior Baseball Association!
The New Ulm Junior Baseball Association is dedicated to the development, teaching and playing the sport of BASEBALL. The children will be taught in a safe environment where they will learn to set goals and how to achieve them with hard work and dedication.

Raffle Winners!

Below are the winners from the New Ulm Junior Baseball Association's raffle tickets.  The drawing was held on Sunday, May 5, 2024.  To claim your prize please reach out to a NUJBA Board Member.

$500 Winner

Dan Gag

Alexa Bauer

$400 Winner

Amber Collins

Amanda Flor

$300 Winner

Katie Brunn

Carrie Forstner

$200 Winner

Sheila Eichman

Amy Merches

$100 Winner

Erik Ostron
Chris Olson
Janet Johnson
Marvin Steuber
Jordan Budenski
Marck Schottle
Robin McCoy
Kevin Fischer
Derek Hoffmann
Mitch Lewis
Mary Fischer
Eric Hacker
Mark Kohn
Megan Hoffmann
Jesse Nosbush
Amanda Jensen
Mitch Bockenstadt
Jean Osborne
Isavah Cumming
Dan Gawrisch


Questions about Bats?

New Ulm Junior Baseball travel teams compete in tournaments governed by:

1. Minnesota Sports Federation (MSF)

2. Minnesota Baseball Tournaments (MBT)

3. Minnesota Youth Athletic Services (Gopher State)

Each governing body has set playing rules, including, equipment/bat requirements.  Click links below for more info.


Rules & Equipment


Rules & Equipment

Gopher State

Rules & Equipment

Crow River League (6th-8th)

Rules & Equipment

What bat size should my player have?

5-7 24"-26" Drop of -11, -12, -13
8-9 26"28" Drop of -10, -11, -12
10 28"-29" Drop of -10
11-12 30"-31" Drop of -10, -8
13-14 31"-32" Drop of -10, -8, -5
15-16 32"-33" Drop -3
17+ 33"-34 Drop -3

Bad Weather Policy: When school is closed the Training Facility will be closed.